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Bulk Emailing System

  • Send Emails when your prospects are awake and not sleeping.
  • No Spam: Prospects do not receive the same mail twice
  • The emailing system with the Followup mailing system
  • Up to 5 Followup Emails
  • Timer-based email to avoid spamming
  • Easily select targeting like location, prospects title, etc.
  • Select the number of emails to be sent.
  • When multiple SMTP is configured, the system will rotate SMTP

WhatsApp Messaging Application

  • Send Message directly from admin panel
  • Track who got the message with date and time
  • No duplication - Prospect will get the message only once
  • Send a message when your clients are not sleeping by filtering data by country
  • Manage the list of messages
  • Easily activate or deactivate message
  • No Spam: You can't send msg twice or to unsubscribed prospect

Prospecting Prospects

  • Add single prospect
  • Bulk upload prospects using excel sheet
  • Provision to unsubscribe prospect
  • Unsubscribed prospects will never receive message or mail
  • Clean data with no duplication based on the email id
  • Delete or unsubscribe prospects manually

Lazer Focus Targeting

  • Target prospects based on Intro mail for followup mail
  • Sector-based targeting. E.g. Real estate, doctors, CEO, etc.
  • Country base targeting
  • Prospects title based targetting. E.g. CEO, Managing Director, etc.
  • When multiple SMTP is configured, the system will rotate SMTP
  • Multiple criteria targeting. E.g. Real Estate and India

Emailing Templates

  • Ability to create simple text or Html based email templates.
  • Targeted Email Template
  • Create and save email template for future use
  • Easily select template from the list when sending email


  • List of Emails send
  • List of Whatsapp message send
  • Date and time of the message
  • Track to and from email id

System Requirement

  • LAMP OR NAMP based system is required
  • PHP 7.4 or above
  • Your server should be able to send emails
  • Many servers block sending emails, so you need to check in your server can send email
  • http://bulkemailingapp.com/ is a demo, so send mail is commented and demo server won't send emails.
  • The system can be easily deployed on your server and domain. So you do not need to worry about your data being stolen or used by anyone else

Low at pockets - Affordable Pricing

  • Limited Time Offer:
  • No Advance payment
  • Free Server Setup
  • Free DNS setup
  • Test before you buy
  • Monthly subscription
  • One time payment option.
  • Free updates for one year
  • Free of cost maintenance